2v1 / 3v2

All right. Let's come in guys.
So, today we'll do a 2 v 1.
You in the middle.
Keep the ball. Keep the ball. Let's go.

When you miss the ball. When the guy in the middle, if the guy in the middle, you don't <    > 
You stand far back. You keep the distance yeah? 
When you through the ball, you got time. 

If you are here, if you are here, Bang bang. Too close. Open up. Start here yeah? So you close, <       > then you should play. Then you have space.
<     > Don't make it happen yourself.

Last minutes. Last minutes. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

If you are in the middle, 5 push ups.5 push up if you are in the middle.

All right. Hayate Take, coming in. Yeah, Hayate and Take, coming in.
OK, Hayate. You in the middle. Take. If I am, If I am Shavi, he is Iniest, no problem, we can play. Touch touch touch. No problem. But reality, we are not. We need a space. We need a space to play. Yeah? You got distance. So, you got time. But if, if I play that ball yellow, Take, if I receive that ball, not there, here, no space, no time. He comes in and win the ball. Even if I play back<swing>, too close. You <lose> in time. Like I said, if we are Iniesta,no problem, no problem. But don't make it happen yourself. A distance you have yeah? You got time. <    > Space. Oops, sorry, my mistakes. OK? One more. Let's go.

Nice, nice Shinta. Excellent. Ole ole.

Fifty five seconds left. Fifty five seconds. Let's go. Come on, come on, come on, What's that?

Back foot, back foot Hayate.
Twenty five seconds.

Five push ups, if you are in the middle. Five push ups.

OK. And grab a drink. Grab a drink.

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