Passing and dribbling


Hi guys.
Hi guys.
Here with Degu for English Football Session number 12.
Today we'll be working on looking up and making good decisions with the ball.
We also have a student doing a coaching demo.
So let's look forward to juggling, Degu okay.

Opening stage

Ok, let's start guys.
So, today unfortunately coach Hiro has a back ache, so I'll be doing the training.
This trainings main theme gonna be looking, okay.
so looking and making good choices good decisions with
the ball okay so we'll do a training first then we'll do a game with the
looking element in it okay to make a lot of choices with the ball okay.

First can I have, we'll have eight players so can I have two players about
the same level. So the Ritsumeikan boys, you guys are the same level.
Can you guys do Jyanken. If you guys lose, losers, you will get blue. Winner is red okay.
So you guys pair up, Yokoi kun pair up with Degu.
And then pair here and pair there okay.

And just go spread out on the field. Please you go blue okay
Go on the field please.
Okay on the field boys and girls.
Okay go ahead. Go spread out on the field, please. The red team first you'll play with the red team only okay.
So Fujii, you'll play with the red team.
Degu, you’re with the blue team okay.
So basically what you're doing is you're passing and moving okay. Free touch. Unlimited touch.
You could dribble if you want to or you could take one touch if you want to, okay.
But after you play the ball you're moving.
So for example, Yokoi kun play the ball to Fujii kun.
And after you play move into a new space can you do that so he plays it and you move stop stop stop stop okay
So we want to do a pass and move okay
so after you make a pass, you want to move into a new space.
So here you want to be looking for space.
Where is the open space if I make the pass here that place is open pass and move.
okay I move into a new space okay so after you pass make sure you move don't stand around.
Ready Blue team you guys play - ready say go

Action stage

Good, pass and move.
Let's get some talking going boys and girls.
Get some talking going.
Good pass and move. Good.
Look around look around good.
a little bit of a shout going boys
Talk, good.
Look for the space look for the space
Degu, wheres open.
good good all right good
Make sure you look look around.
Ok and stop good good excellent stop stop stop

All the ball please next so we'll move on to the next one but guys make
sure you talk when you want the ball.
Ball please.
So Degu, if you want the ball what do you do?
what do you say in Japanese if you want the ball.
I don't know what do you
know I don't know I don't know.

So in English if you want the ball very simple [yes] [here]
call someone's name.
Degu okay, so Degu back up and can you shout for the ball okay
I'll play you the ball okay ready go back up
ready you go back up and shout for the ball please.
Good good okay, little bit more demanding Degu with your body language okay.
And you have to shout like in that game
Okay one more time ready go
Good, Degu~!!!
okay so with that guy's [here] [yes] whatever okay.
Make sure you shout for the ball.
Let's do that one more time.
Same team ready say go.
Nice, much better.
Use the whole field.
Good look around, excellent new space new space good
much better much better
Ok, one more minute boys and girls
Shout for the ball good
Good nice good nice pass and move Tomoki.
Good nice good Yokoi.
ah weak pass.
Good and stop.
Very good excellent a little bit better boys and girls
okay so next we switch it up this time red you pass it to blue then
blue you pass to red okay.
yes same thing pass and move unlimited touches okay
Let's keep shouting I know it's a little bit tired, tiring.
So instead of sprinting, you can also jog okay.
In order to jog you gotta look around you can do back step okay
so for example Tomoki I saw you just running the whole time
I saw you running the whole time
Instead of just running, jog look around where is open okay.
Think about where the ball is coming okay okay
Let's play ready go nice good shout
good good, shout for the ball boys
good nice Masaki, good Yume.
Alright look around look around who's open
So, blue good so blue good nice touch good
Ito kun, nice touch.
Who's open?
alright good and look around look around who's open
Good nice, before you get the ball look around
Good good okay and stop.
Very good.

Okay, so this time a little bit more challenging.
Red team, you only have one touch ok
To make it a little bit…
So red team you'll have one touch.
Can you switch? we'll go three Reds only okay.
So red team has only one touch blue team you must support and get the ball
as quickly as possible, Okay.
That makes sense?
Let's go with two balls, ready play.
One touch, so good.
Red team has one touch blue you can go to blue one touch one touch good.
Nice, pass and move use the whole field.
One touch, excellent good.
look around look before you play oh oh oh
Nice good Yokoi.

Good nice one that excellent Tomoki.
Red is one touch blue you're free touch.
Blue a free touch good carry the ball Yume chan
Good, red is one touch
Good good, nice play excellent good good good good and stop.

Hold it there stop stop stop stop.
okay so red is one touch now
Let's switch the Reds a little bit right now so red switch with the blue please one of you.

Good okay so blues blues if... I use Degu again.
Degu one more time over here.
okay so if I play into Degu on blue team okay okay Degu has one touch so the blue surrounding blue players what should you do?
Good open or what should you do, what do you think?

okay so the key word we're looking for here is support alright?
For example let's say that Yume chan can you come over here and Fujii kun can
you go a little bit far over there please okay.
And can you go over here.
Let's say for example Degu is isolated here okay okay
He only has one touch what should you guys do?
What are you doing what are you doing what is that what's that
huh? what is that what are you doing?
Good, supporting.

Fujii kun what should you do he only has one touch open to this
space okay or Yume chan what you are doing is you're getting closer to him
right right because he only has one touch
let's try it ready the Degu ready hi support
right away, good okay okay and
the rest of you let's continue ready
three balls play. 3 balls 3 balls go

so one touch support support good Oh Degu look please look.
blue make sure you support the red team.
Tomoki Tomoki,
actually Masaki

Can have the Ball please.
Will do two balls.
good alright support
good Tomoki good nice good good
support good nice make sure we're supporting.
And good, that's good thank you finish please.
Thank you

alright next we'll go into a game guys get some water real quick

Blue is four okay good.
so we're still working on our theme is
looking up and making choices okay in the training we were doing in the training.
Yume chan for example, when she didn't have a passing option she's dribble right so you could dribble you could touch the ball many times it's unlimited so you could dribble and find a better option to play okay so in this
game you have two choices you can either pass or you could dribble right just like in a real game or you can shoot, okay?

But we're working on looking up and finding our target player okay so blue team I need one person let's have Masa go behind the goal please.
And red team will have someone go behind the goal please.
okay so Degu and the red team you guys defending that goal.
Blue team you're defending this goal okay.
Ueda kun on this side ok.

I'll explain it right now
so let's for example blue team has the ball the goal is between the hurdle
okay so Massa can move only side to side right side to side good to score a goal okay
so for example to score a goal can you, Yume chan can you pass the ball to Tomoki, please.

So let's say Tomoki kun finds Masa, Masa can you open up?
Just a minute, one more time. okay
One more time, one more time.
To score a goal you must score one touch okay from Masa.
Masa has one touch you can only score
one touch okay so for example let's have Tomoki kun, hold it.
Tomoki will play the ball
Yokoi kun, where should you go? yeah play.

one one goal okay
that's how we're going to play yes understand very simple okay
Hey okay so let's go ready balls here hey I spread good good, nice talking
boys good.
Nice Yokoi, play.

let's go, can you look can you look look ah boy
look look look good good
come on hey,  red ball red ball red ball, play.
nice well done
ah good I look good look good look good
look blue ball blue ball, spread out.
Red Team Red Team stop stop stop stop

Red Team Red Team stop.
what are you going to do?
Are you goin to mark or are you going to defend
what you going to do? ready play

Pressure pressure go good good play good
15:29again good good nice play.
Nice Yokoi, well done.
play good good
no play one more time one more time alright good
Fujii provide support!
good good good good
where is he?
nice movement Ueda.
good finish.

ok good play boy, well done.
balls here red ball let's go a red ball red ball.
Play, can you look up can you look can you look
Good Fujii.

Nice, can you play.

good good, nice well done.  excellent play.
Yume chan good voice.
Yume chan nice talking.
good there you go.

And stop, hold it
hold the ball hold the ball
So red team right away guys I see this so Ito kun purpose is to score goals.
we want to score more goals right so instead of looking here, he's open why wont you just play the ball over there.
right away okay little bit more direct guys okay so ah target person a little bit more shouting a little bit more body language please
okay we want to go attack as quickly as possible all right.

Ready, Degu can we attack quickly as possible okay
Ueda kun can you go attack quickly as possible.
okay we want to do that.


stop stop stop stop stop stop

stop that one more time
Degu, we want to attack so where should you put the ball.

so good yes go yes
excellent play, Yokoi ahhh Yokoi nice.

Yume chan, Yume chan you too, directly.
Go directly.

hi open up open up open up Degu.
good Ueda, why not.

blue ball blue ball here right
quickly quickly quickly can you go
Yume chan good.
ah play good yes yes yes yes no goal.

hey you must go. good
excellent much better and stop
let's switch the target person please
switch the target person please.

zero zero zero I think.
okay, we want to attack quickly right so the first look should be where red team first look is where? good

first look is him. if he's not open okay then we move the ball okay
okay ready play.

Nice Degu, who's next?
Oh, unlucky.
blue ball play.

yes, just go go go can you hit him
yes yes oh unlucky.
Degu, can you look.
nice Ueda.

yes yes go play
hey play nice Yume chan, good choice.

good choice
Oh, Masaki unlucky.
red ball play
Hey go go go go go go go go Hey yes much better good.
Yes play, Nice Masa.
I like it.

okay can we regroup now.

good play good Ito!
oh nice, unlucky.

Good, few more few more.
Hey, Masa he wants it!
Good, good good why.

Red ball red ball.
And play.

Look up.
Ueda, Ueda Ueda.
And play.
Good good, unlucky.
Blue ball, Ueda good defending.
And bring it in guys, bring it in. We'll finish it up.

Closing stage

Bring it in. Bring it in. jog it in. That’s it, guys.

Actual practice, hun?

So, guys. Ah...something I like to play.
Football ne, Direct, accurate, fast ok?

I see in Japan. When I'm coaching young kids, when we play against other teams, I see a lot of kids, they get very focused on making the pass to the side. Yeah?
And sometimes they lose the choice of looking up and going to the goal.
So for me, I like to go directly to the goal okay.

Once you start doing that, then the defense, what happened? Yes the defense will start to oh they're attacking us. They start to move. Then you can start playing side to side and manipulate their position. Does that make sense?

Ok ok good job guys. ok let's go back to the room yeah, good job.


FES記録(week⑫ 2017/07/5)

もう早いもので、12回目のFootball English Sessionとなりました。







そして、みんなより一足遅れて、教育実習から戻ってきたユメちゃんが、初の英語コーチングに挑戦してくれました!テーマはリフティング(Ball juggling)!



Hang in there, guys!! See ya.



FES記録(week⑪ 2017/06/28)


一人ひとりの実践に関して、Content, Language, Structureの観点から評価をし、点数化をして結果を返却しました。



・「集合!」はCollectではなくて、Bring it in!


① 横井君

right side→right foot
fall the ball→drop the ball
any places of your body→any parts of your body
free touch→unlimited(米)
I'm strong with right side →I’m a right footer
saying the name of the person that who  kick who you kick to.→Call the name before you pass.
while carrying the ball, you don't have to fall the ball.→
when you drop the ball before the goal area, you must come back to the starting spot.
But once you reach the goal area, you can drop and keep challenging ※ don’t have to~:~する必要がない

・Mr. Moriyasuとは言わなくて良いです。HiroでOK

unlucky / good try

we can use only the head to carry the ball to the goal→Now we can use only the head

② 上田君

・then, nextのような単語を使って、順序立てて説明することができていました。

Collect→bring it in / Come in closer
 go forward→hit the striker   defender, offense, change→defenders, offense, swap over
one server→one passer
Move the forwardこれは「FWを動かせ」だったらOK。でも「FW動け」だったら、Forward, moveです。

・closing stageでしっかりとプレーのコツを伝えることができていました。


③ 奥山君

pass and trap→pass and control
be careful to look up→Be sure to look up
And call when where you want  pass right side or left side.→Tell where you want to receive the ball, right or left foot
right rotation→Let’s go to your right
big voice→louder
last rotation→last one / a couple more
next is reverse→next, we go to the other side / change side / other way / now, to your left
voice voice→talk / communicate
Be careful→Focus / better touch
pass speed→firm ball



④ 藤田君

Please split the three spots→Please split into three areas
you get the pass in the circle and another, another side and go running.→when you receive the ball inside the circle, pass to your right side.
strong pass→stronger pass
It's important in the timing→timing is important
another reverse→other way / to the other side / to your left
go runnings in the space and pass, and receive for here pass under go and please go back there corn and ball.
→go to the space and pass. And run backward while you look at the ball / while facing the ball
Please collect→Bring it in


・first touch is outside→first touch should / must / can / be your outside 意図をはっきり伝えましょう




one on one.→1 v 1
feint→ body feint
press press→stronger / tighter /  pressure
Are you enjoy the training?→Did you have a fun?

・closing stageでしっかりとプレーのコツを伝えることができていました。


⑥ 出口君

Four on one→Four v one
Not point, not point,→Stand on the line / stand between the markers
Cut ball→intercept
Go defender more more→Come on, defenders. / stronger / Tighter. / More pressure.

・最後のclosing stageでコツを強調しましょう。ノーコメントはだめだよ!




FES記録(week⑨ 2017/06/14)コーチング実技










FES記録(week⑧ 2017/06/07)

1. コーチング英語




Switch over to the left side. (左サイドへ行こう)
What a shot !(すごいシュートだ)
Be patient!(我慢!)
Good timing( 良いタイミング)
Yes, Yup, Yep. (ヘイ)
Take a touch (ワントラップして)
Three all (3対3)
Demand (要求して )


また、Opening stageの説明の場面では、すでに説明した内容は、省略表現を使うことで、要点を端的に伝えることができます。

First Oliver passes the ball to Yume-chan and pass it back.(最初に、オリバーは、ユメちゃんにパスして、それを戻して)

And Oliver to Masa. (それからオリバーは、マサにパスをします。

ここでは、2つ目のセンテンスは、正しくはAnd Oliver passes the ball to Masa.となりますが、ここでは、一度説明した部分は省略して、And Oliver to Masa.と省略した形を森安コーチは用いています。











FES記録(week⑦ 2017/5/31)























FES記録(week⑥ 2017/5/24)

1. 屋外実習(@第一グラウンド)



Firm ball on the ground. (強いボールを蹴る)
Good first touch. (ファーストタッチを工夫する)
Put a message on the ball. (パスにメッセージを込める)












FES記録(week⑤ 2017/5/17)

1. サッカー英語学習(@AC11教室)



Opening stage(説明)
Action stage(トレーニング)
Closing stage(締め)

の各々のステージにおいて、1)平叙文 2)疑問文 3)命令文 4)エンカレッジメント(褒め言葉)のどの文型が多く用いられているかを調べました。





Opening stage→平叙文命令文疑問文エンカレッジメント(なし)

Action stage→命令文エンカレッジメント疑問文平叙文



Our ball:マイボール
Mark ____! ex. Mark him! Mark up!
Be patient. 我慢しよう
Good ball:ナイスパス

Take a shot / Have it! シュート打て


2.サッカー留学事始め ― 留学エージェントを使うべきか否か ―










FES記録(week④ 2017/5/10)

1. 屋外実習(@第一グラウンド)




ポイントは、to protect the ball from the massive big players (身体の大きなDFからボールを奪われないこと)













後半は、教室に戻ってきて、Football English Sessionの学習コミュニティサイトの活用法を紹介しました。



6/7, 7/19には、受講生にコーチング実技をしてもらいますので、こちらを見ておいてください。




standing pass

Stand behind the corn.
( コーンの後ろに立って。)

Come across, yeah yeah, right, left, right, left…back to the chest, everything is back to the chest. Right, left, right, left….20.

Everything, wait, wait, one more thing, so you know, standing here.

Sorry, so you don’t do it.

Here, hey, hey. Like sharp eh? Hey, moving, moving, moving, touch, touch, sharp, everything sharp, tuck, tuck, and you are aiming for the chest.

The chest no here, no here, chest.

Ok, grab a ball between two. Find a corn.

Twenty, on the whistles, twenty. Let’s go.

Hey, I don’t know why you haven’t started yet.

Too slow, too slow
And change. Change partner
OK, this one.

Yeah tuck, yeah, outside now.
Use outside now. Touch touch,..yeah?

Keep your head still, keep your head still .

Ah, come on, sorry. My mistake. Let’s go. Touch, touch. Then, concentrate. Touch, touch...Ahh! Let’s go.

OK, outside foot

Let’s go
Ok, <laisis laisies> are instep (2:12). Ok, so just a touch..oh come on. touch, touch,,back to chest, whoa! Back to chest. Touch…touch… 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16…and 20.

OK. Let’s go. Very good.

Change, inside. OK, inside. Inside foot. Two touches.

But your feet must never leave the ground. Yeah? It must have in the air. Touch, touch…yeah, 6,7.8..ah, sorry.

So, this one is not good one. So, touch, this is not good. It’s just, touch, touch.

So, I have... Keep your balance, up in the air. Touch, touch…last two. OK, let’s go.

In the air, Futa. In the air.
Change! Let’s go! Balance, balance, body balance

OK, pick up the corn. Grab a drink.


2v1 / 3v2

All right. Let's come in guys.
So, today we'll do a 2 v 1.
You in the middle.
Keep the ball. Keep the ball. Let's go.
When you miss the ball. When the guy in the middle, if the guy in the middle, you don't stand here. You stand far back. You keep the distance yeah? When you through the ball, you got time.
If you are here, if you are here, Bang bang. Too close. Open up. Start here. Start here yeah? So you close, have time, then you should play. Then you have space.
If you are good enough to play, the space is ok. But Don't don’t make it happen yourself.
Last minutes. Last minutes. Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
If you are in the middle, 5 push ups.5 push up if you are in the middle.
All right. Hayate Take, coming in. Yeah, Hayate and Take, coming in.
OK, Hayate. You in the middle. Take<, here>.
If I am, If I am Shavi<Xavi>, he is Iniest<Iniesta>, no problem, we can play. Touch touch touch. No problem.
But reality, we are not. We need a space. We need a space to play. Yeah? You got distance. So, you got time.
But if, if I play that ball yellow, Take, if I receive that ball, not there, here, no space, no time. He comes in and win the ball.
Even if I play back swing, too close. You lose in time. Like I said, if we are Xavi, Iniesta, no problem, no problem. But don't make it happen yourself. A distance you have yeah? You got time. You have your touch. Space to space.> Space. Oops, sorry, my mistakes. OK? One more. Let's go.
Nice, nice Shinta. Excellent. Ole ole.
Fifty five seconds left. Fifty five seconds. Let's go. Come on, come on, come on, What's that?
Back foot, back foot Hayate.
Twenty five seconds.
Five push ups, if you are in the middle. Five push ups.
OK. And grab a drink. Grab a drink.