Ball juggling (By Hiro Moriyasu)

We'll be doing a little bit of juggling. OK?

With your feet. With your feet.

You can... If you drop it, it doesn't really matter.

Just try to keep the ball up as mush as you can. All right?

OK? And please count how many times you had the ball in the air. OK?

But once you drop it, you count from one. Start from one again. OK?

Futa, OK?

So, use the space wisely. OK.

Try to keep the ball up as much as you can.

Yes. One pass is one juggling.

So, ....1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

If you drop it in between, start from one. OK?

So, Tani can not just juggle hundred times by himself. All right?

I'm not sure if he can. But...

(I can. Hey, come on.)

All right? Let's go.

OK. You guys, 30 seconds.  30 seconds.

You guys 30 seconds to beat 20.

OK. That's it. That's it.

How many? Five?

How many? Twenty.

Three jumps, please.

A bit difficult, hun?

OK. I want... change partners a little bit.

You go. Tani.

OK? We'll do a little bit more.

1 minute. OK. 1 minute. All right.

OK. Let's start. Let's go.

You guys, 17 so far.

OK. You got 10 seconds. 10 seconds. 10 seconds.

3...2...1...OK. Stop.

How many? Five again?

How many? Fourteen.

I guess you guys had to do jumps. One jump. One jump.