Dribbling game (Hiro Moriyasu)

Oh, wait.
Experienced players and non-experienced players, please.
All right?
What we're gonna do is we're not...this time..ah..dribbling.
OK. Let's get a ball for one group one each.
One team one ball. (five?) No no one ball.
Everyone, come in.
So, Vac's team. Five of you, I want you to get in a line and...a meter or two meters apart stand in a line, please.
(Like that?) Yeah. No not that too much. One meter please. (Two meters or one meter?)
In that case, two. And two and two.
Vac, have a ball. On the ground.
Make a straight line, please.
Yes, I want you to dribble around. Go around around around around... when you go to...when you go across Hori, Kosuke, you have to pass the ball back to Tani.
And Tani will receive the ball and he will start dribbling.
And Vac, when you finish dribbling...when you pass the ball to Tani, you have to stand a meter...two meters apart from Kosuke.
Al right? And we'll be doing the same thing. It's gonna be a race.
And...please keep this distance. All right. Don't get too wide. Don't get too short distance.
Which leg? (side by side) it doesn't matter. (All right)
So, guys get a line please. I hope you guys understand what I said.
And the end line is the cones. The blue cones all right?
(Blue cone?) Blue cone. (The far one?) The far one.
Yes, you gotta think. You gonna think which way to move to receive the ball.
All right? Guys ready? Ready? Kosuke? Kosuke. Go!
Good good good...
I guess my explanation was not that good. Come back.
You don't have to..no no no...everyone moves back.
Like...  you dribble around...dribble around.
And you pass it...when Higashi was there. Pass to Higashi. Now stand here.
(Ah, we don't go all the way back there.)
No you go all the way but you move one by one.
(All right. Good good good)
All right. So I guess my explanation wasn't perfect. But let's do it again.
So when you pass the ball, you just stop and stand two meters apart from the last person.
Get it?
All right? Let's go!
Everyone has to come across. Everyone has to come across.
Penalty for you guys. One star jump. One star jump.
Like a star. Like a star. And jump.
Good to see that all the guys doing it.

OK. Get a drink.

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