Hi guys, today we'll be doing an ice breaker. Ice breaker called "human knot".
And the main objective is to have fun and communicate with each other. Let's enjoy, guys.

Opening stage
Now I want you to hold someone's hand in the circle, but the person next to you cannot hold.
You guys get that?
You raise your right hand like that, and you gonna hold someone's hand in the circle.
Hold someone’s hand, OK?
But you cannot hold the person next to you, you have to hold someone else, alright?
You guys get that? Yeah?
You wanna go, don’t be shy guys, don’t be shy.
And hold hands like a normal hand shake.

Masa, you wanna get in?
I’ll get in.

Now, I want you to raise your left hand and do the exactly same thing but different person.
Different person.
And now you see it's all tangled up.
Tangled up, alright?
Now I want you guys to untangle this.
But you have to speak in English. All in English, of course.
Obviously. Yeah?

You guys understand that?
So are you guys ready?
Off we go. Let’s go.

Action stage

Who’s gonna talk? Who’s gonna talk?
Who’s gonna go next? Who’s going next?
Think, guys. Think Think Think.


Someone have to go over these hands or arms.

Uh. Who? Who? Who? Who?

Degu, jump!
Yes, go over.

Good, who's going next?
Ok, what’s next?

Go over, good ok.

We're getting close, aren’t we?

Are you going over?
Talk, guys. Talk! Talk! Talk!

Communicate, guys. Communicate
What do you want the person to do?

And hug? And hug? Hug?

Go over.
You go over.
Go over.

Degu, there?
Really, degu?

Okashii is not English, yeah?
Sorry but...

Ohhh good.
Good advice, guys.
Good advice.

Yes, we're almost there.
Think guys. Think.
Any advise, guys?

No? Finish?

I don’t think we're finished.
Ok we're stuck, guys.
We're stuck.

Ok, Degu, come on.

Under, Degu?

Think and communicate, guys
Think and communicate.

Any ideas?
No? Give up guys? Give up?
I don't think that’s a good idea

Ohhh this is difficult, guys. Come on
How many more minutes guys?
How many more minutes?

1 minute?

I’m not sure we're gonna make it.

Degu no over?

Ok. We got 30 seconds

Degu, over?
Ok. Come back guys. Come back
Ohh crap.

Ok guys, I think that’s it guys.
And stoooop.

Closing stage

Yes, it didn't work out very well but hopefully next time we do this and hopefully we succeed.


If you guys need any drinks, get a quick drink.

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