Zig zag dribbling (by Naoki Imaya)

So, corn here. Touch, it’s not good. Slid across, yeah? Slide across, slide across, slide across, tuck, ok?

Let’s go

Don’t be lazy, move your feet along. Move your feet along.

Good Keita, ah. Slide across, slide across.

Don’t lose your feet. Don’t lose your foot.

Ah, Shunta, move your feet, move your feet.

Ok, let’s take one by one. Let’s take one by one. Let’s take Ryoma

Ok, ok. Let’s go Kira. No, stop, stop, stop. Your left foot. Your left foot. As your coming, your left foot, here.

Now, slide across, slide across….here you get one more.

Kira, Kira, here. Touch, touch, touch…ok.

Daisuke, go. Ah, move your feet, move your feet. Come on, come on, come on.

Shunta. Ok, little bit quicker, little bit quicker.

Futa, stop, stop, stop.

You are stepping out the road. Just start off. Let’s go. No, stop, stop, stop. You see what I mean. You don’t watch it at all. You are like this. You are stepping out. You can’t step out the corn. Here, here, here.

Yup. Get, ah, you know, lazy, lazy. Go back, go back. Move your feet, move your feet. Yeah, ah, ah, ah, move your feet. Yeah, ok yeah move your feet. Yeah, slide across. Ah, ah, see, your foot. You are making it. You are making it. You aren’t using your feet. Yeah, yeah, move your feet. Yeah, yeah.. I say good

Go. Stop, stop, stop…go back. You’re stepping it. You too. You are stepping. Lazy, lazy. Yup, yeah. Move your corns. Move your feet. Stop it, stop it. Don’t, and move, move. Good. That’s it. Yes! You’ll be better.

You. Ok

Ah, stop. Go back, go back. Your left foot, left foot. Lazy, lazy. Ah, stop. You can’t go across here. Play it. Yeah? Go. Yeah, now you can go across. Good. Ah, ok, little bit better, little bit better.
Ok one more. Let’s go again. Let’s go again. It’s not so good guys, not so good.

Go! Ah futa, not so good eh?

Lazy foot work, lazy foot work.

Stop there, stop there. One more, one more
Keita, give the ball. You are the defender eh?

Let’s say he is the defender, and I’m coming as well and I’m playing like this and my feet see here, you are going get a foul or he is gonna tackle you. You got to slide across. You can leave your feet. You can’t do touch, touch, and trying to move.

I need to be quick here. Touch, yeah? You got to, this thigh, this leg is coming to close. You got to go with it. If you got close. I do it, here. I do it. For me, you can’t, can’t beat the defender. You must,…it is… find me a place. You got to, you got to slide across, slide across, slide across.

Everything is got to be, you know, sideways. To beat a play, you need slide cross and move. You can’t that, tuck, tuck, yeah?
Come on, come on. One more, one more.
Head up Futa, put your head up.
Futa, Futal put your head up. Good. Good. You’ll be better, Futa.
You don’t have to look up but, you are like this. You are almost bending over eh? You can’t see anything.
You’ll be better, Daisuke. Good, Shunta.

Ok, next one. Last one before we go for a drink.

Ok, use your outside eh? Outside, use your outside. Just stay outside. Ouside. One touch, one touch. You are going across. It’s gonna be a delicate touch. You can’t, obviously you can’t over hit it. Couse what are you gonna do there? Yeah. It’s all about your… it’s all more about movement, agility. So, it’s about your touches too but its move, how you move across. How you move across.

Ok, let’s go. Hey, too much, too much, Futa. Delicate touch, delicate touch. Just a little touch. Just enough, just enough to get across.

Ok, stop there. Shunta, ok, one more. You do one more. Ok, relax, relax. Ok, thank you.
Ok, this one. And, ok, I’m gonna highly exaggerate your one, but your one is. Which one is better? 1 or. Number 1 is like this, touch, touch, touch, or Number 2? 1 or 2? 1? 1? Good answer.

Shunta, when you do. Do the one more, one more. It’s ok, its ok. For that. Good.
You need that in the game. Obviously. To do this, in the game, it’s good but sometimes, in the exercise like this, it’s important to keep your head still. Try to keep, just, just a posture.

Here is strong. This part here, it’s got to be strong. Cause you are always like this or like this. It’s very hard. And just like this and just slide in.

So good posture. Here got to be strong. And moving across, moving across.
Ok, let’s see one more round.

Let’s go. Not too much movement your head. Not too much. Little bit is ok.
Still head, Shunta. Yours is like this. Keep it still, keep it still. Good. That’s good. It’s difficult, eh?
Ok, grab a drink.

So back to one touch again. One touch, one touch, one touch.

Ok, it’s got to be that, be more the pace. The last one is about technique, yeah? Technique, little touches, touches, touch. But this one, more pace. Quicker, speed, yeah? Touch, touch, touch… oops.

Ok, right foot now. Let’s go.
Speed, speed, speed. To here, to here, to here. Good. To the yellow corn. To the yellow corn. Go, go, go, go. Come here. To here. To here. Don’t stop, don’t stop.
Rikuta, Rikuta, quicker, quicker, quicker.

Good try, Shunta, good try.

Make a mistake. I don’t mind. Try hard as quicker as you can.
Don’t go at a pace(11:36). You know you can do it. You are not gonna get better.
Yeah, go the extra edge extra mile. Don’t move your feet. Yeah, the ball comes with it.

And try and do 70%, 80% at a pace. You know you can do it. Your touch is not gonna get better. Your move is not gonna get better.

Left foot. Let’s get left foot. One touch. Come on let’s go
Bravo Futa.

left foot, left foot, shunta. Listen, listen, left foot
Go, Ryoma, go, Ryoma. One touch, one touch
Yeah, Futa.


Last 30 seconds. Your preferred foot, yeah? Your preferred foot.

Shunta, right maybe. Daisuke, right. Keita, maybe left. Futa, left.

Right, right, your preferred foot.

Let’s go. Nice, Kazuma. Your preferred foot.

Good, Keita! That’s the way.
Now Futa.

Yeah, excellent, excellent, Shunta.

You are on your way. You are on your way. Good, Kira. Good, Kira, keep going. On your way. You are gonna get better

Yes, good, good, Keita. It’s the only way you are gonna get better. Trust me.
100%, 100%. Go, Daisuke. Go, Daisuke. Thats like 60%. Come on, come on. Quicker, quicker, quicker.

Yeah, yeah, Yeah. Push it, push it, push yourself. Daisuke, come on, come on, come on. Push, push, push. It’s like a duck for me. You are walking through.

30 seconds. Come on, come on, come on. 30 seconds. Go, go, go, go, Keita. Go, Keita. You can get quicker than that.

20 seconds. Yeah. Go, go, go, go. Come on, come on, come on, Rikuta. Come on, Rikuta. Are you walking?

5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Ok, pick up corns.

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